Past projects

Fort McKay Enterprises Ltd.,welcomes sub-contract opportunities from other service providers. We can provide a broad and diverse service offering with a low cost labour model. 

We are a fully qualified contractor and we are COR certified. We carry $ 5.0 Million in Commercial Insurance, as well have accounts in good standing with the Workers Compensation Board. We are registered with ISNetworld, PICS and ComplyWorks and are in good standing.

WCB Account #: 384793/9

If you are interested in learning more about our company and/or Joint Venturing on projects, please contact our main office at (780) 828-4302 and ask to speak with Stan.




In Fort McMurray Earthworks, Fuel and Lube, Onsite Medical Services, Site Grading, Concrete Installations, Mechanical , Welding, Automotive Repair, Excavation, Reclamation, Civil Construction

​Teck Resources


  • Winter road and pad construction for Frontier Project
  • Supply of project medical services

Project Revenue $1.0 Million



TCPL Northern Courier Pipeline

  • Winter Road and geo-tech pad construction
  • Reclamation of high salt contaminated soil

Project Revenue: $ 4.0 Million

Prosper Resources


  • Winter Road and Well site Construction
  • Clean and reclamation of sites and drilling sumps

Project Revenue: $1.2 Million

Parkland Pipeline


  • Supply medics and paramedics for TCPL Northern Courier Pipeline
  • Freeze in of 40kms of pipeline ROW

Project Revenue $ 2.0 Million

Total E&P Canada


  • Reclamation of 44 km's of de-watering ditch
  • Misc reclamation on the Joslyn Site

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.

KMC Mining

Winter 2015-2016

  • Provide Fuel and Lube Services for 777 fleet
  • Provided mechanical repair for mine equipment fleet
  • Worked with KMC on RMS project. Integrated FME supervision and safety advisor's into the project team.